Russo di Casandrino, top quality leather and pizza: Ciro Oliva show cooking

A Lineapelle Russo di Casandrino porta la pizza di Ciro Oliva

The invitation picture, and its colourful slogan, immediately recall René Magritte and his surrealism. One can see a leather wallet, filmed from top, semi-circular shaped. The slogan is “This Is Not a Leather Wallet”. What are we talking about then? Please find the answer at the stand of Russo di Casandrino tannery, located at Lineapelle hall 13.

Cooking show and restyling 

Today and tomorrow, from 12.30pm until 3.30pm, at Russo di Casandrino visitors will taste and enjoy a “top-quality” pizza, cooked in actual time (in a real oven), inside the stand, by Ciro Oliva. Born in 1992, Oliva is undoubtedly one of the best pizza makers in Naples, where he runs the Concettina ai Tre Santi, a historic place, opened in 1951. At Russo di Casandrino’s stand, Ciro Oliva will create a real cooking show, presented by Campania’s tannery while providing their own clients with a restyling attitude and a fulfilling fair experience. Aiming, at the same time, to highlight and emphasize their own excellence, with regard to ethics, environment, sustainability and quality. At this point, one can (also) enjoy the taste at Lineapelle 97 exhibition.


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