US consumers say stop to special offers and discounts as quality is more important than price, points out First Insight

In the United States, they prefer quality to price. First Insight, a retail consultancy and analysis platform, have carried out a marketing survey by interviewing 1,000 US consumers. According to results, made known by the company, for 53% of US buyers quality is the most important factor when it comes to shopping. Conversely, 38% of them like the price better. As reported by Footwear News, in the last three years several footwear retail suppliers applied for Chapter 11 benefits because of online channel competitors; the others, still in the market, have tried to lure their clients with a number of discounts and special offers. Such strategy looks no more profitable though. “Over the years, customers used to pay close attention, while shopping in department stores and retail shops, to discounts primarily”, pointed out Greg Petro, founder and chief executive officer of First Insight. “Our survey proves that they probably got to a critical point: in fact, retailers that have been focusing on the quality of their product supply are achieving more rewarding accomplishments; furthermore, they are changing the consumers’ attitude of mind”. Petro believes that it could be a new opportunity given to retailers, with regard to every kind of products, including, most of all, clothing and accessories. Picture taken from


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