Style, accessories and components: care for simplicity

Area trend accessori a Lineapelle

Very well finished details. Adornments are no longer “flaunted”, but long for simplicity. Fashion attitude towards accessories and small components is changing. You can feel a new desire for the essence of objects, free of frills. Yet, they do not give up rhinestones, studs and applications. Starting from them, new research begins.

The value of precision

Small components are getting more and more valuable – points out Marta Vidussi, Lineapelle Fashion Committee –. Clients demand for perfectly made galvanic locks, with a very precise click. Their requests rely on special attention and meticulous care”. Such is the leitmotiv of winter 2020/21 trends, presented at Lineapelle97.

Longing for light

Resin sheets with neon cuts. Very bright colours for heels. Zippers and buckles with fluorescent details. Desire for light goes through fluorescent touches. Both in laser processing and trinkets. Light spreads everywhere, on rubber components as well. Chains, which are going to be very important in winter 2020/21, show not only traditional galvanic locks, but also lacquering and glazed shades. Bright-coloured lacquering, with glossy effect, strongly prevail on heels too.

Logo evolution 

Embossing and debossing applied to companies’ logos, on accessories, are getting more and more functional parts: seat lifts, trimmings, belt bars, locks, heels. On top of logos, micro statements are still trendy as well; they also use flexible metal for them.

Special effects

More and more technology, more and more innovation. Laser printing creates vibrations and waves. Alternatively, micro geometric patterns and micro textures on buckles, snap hooks and seat lifts. Electronic printing also applies to floral motifs to make them contemporary. Puffiness makes resins soft and flexible seemingly. The “matelassé” effect on rubber, through high frequency, shakes surfaces.


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