Hyundai, seat leather turns to a circular project

Hyundai vara un progetto circolare con Zero+Maria Cornejo

When it comes to Hyundai cars, you take everything of them. The Korean car manufacturing company started a partnership with Zero+Maria Cornejo brand. The aim of such cooperation is to develop articles of clothing based on the concept of creative recycling. Whilst achieving the project, they have already carried out a collection made of 15 items. They made them by using materials recycled from Hyundai cars. More specifically, leather formerly employed for seats.

A stylish way to save the planet

Zero+Maria Cornejo fashion designers (they use natural materials and dyeing stuff) managed to revive leather while aiming, at the same time, to “Save the planet in a stylish way”. Such motto will also be the topical issue of the “Re-Style” event, during which they are going to inaugurate and present this capsule collection, the first one. The fashion show will take place on September 6, in the evening, during the opening of the New York fashion week.

An environmentally friendly way to create beauty

“We are planning to be creative by re-using things that have lived before – pointed out Maria Cornejo –. We are striving hard to create something new while picturing things in a new way. How can we possibly become less creative?”. “We designed this event to promote and foster our mission: to become a more sustainable company and start up a communication about an environmentally aware lifestyle – remarked Wonhong Cho, Hyundai Motor Company chief marketing officer -. Our aim is to show that one may create something new and beautiful by recycling materials formerly employed”.


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