The key word is simplifying. Lineapelle to launch summer 2021 trends

Parola d’ordine: semplificare. Lineapelle lancia l’estivo 2021

The Era of Simplifying. Summer 2021 trends, designed and developed by Lineapelle Fashion Committee, are going to focus on such concept: simplifying.

Saying stop to excess

Lineapelle outlines the Era of Simplifying as follows: “There is a desire for simplification, therefore getting rid of redundancy and complications”. Looking ahead at style trends, the aim will be “to reduce wastefulness of time and space, by making use of technology and digital tools, as well as graphic design and sketch”. “Next season, fashion will be on the lookout for harmony with environment, while presenting materials and works that may rely on painstaking attention to details and performance standards”.

Three inspirations

“When it comes to summer 2021 materials – as emphasized on web portal –, their choice hangs on three inspirations. First: “Enhanced basics. Digital velocity and synthesis have brought to a new design. Mathematical calculations and algorithms turn into essential forms. Technology simplifies complexity by supplying innovative solutions”. Second: “A new romanticism. Colours turn into pure light, in touch with technology, to create unreal shades. Sparkles and glares create a surreal atmosphere. Hence we face a modern romanticism, made of light touches: here pastels take brightness”. Third: “Manual works. Hand-made simplicity and flaw genuineness stand out in a poetics that highlights man’s work. Manual works bring out a Newtro (new retro) concept: here heritage reinvents itself to enjoy a free expression space”.

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