Hermès are planning to open, in France, the umpteenth factory to manufacture leather goods. 250 new jobs

Will they ever stop? Sounds like a platitude. Necessary though. In fact, yesterday Hermès, the French luxury giant, announced they started up a plan to build a new manufacturing plant, the umpteenth one. The fashion house is expected to open their new factory by 2021, in Louviers, a small town located in Normandy, about one hundred kilometres to the North-West of Paris: around 250 artisans will be employed in the manufacturing plant, which is going to make leather goods articles. Hermès will therefore double the number of their production sites in the area: in fact, just two years ago they had inaugurated, in Val-de-Reuil, another factory, 5,700 square metres wide, specialized in the manufacturing of leather goods. They will begin working on the opening of the new plant at the end of the year, yet Hermès will start running their work in Louviers next September through some “satellite” laboratories, while waiting for their own site to open. In the meantime, the French fashion house is about to open one more plant in Montereau-Fault-Yonne, 90 kilometres to the South of Paris: 250 more workers will be employed there. They have been already recruiting them. Successful applicants will be supposed to attend an 18-month-long training programme, arranged by the company. According to Hermès’s expectations, the plant will be running at full speed in 5 years, while making bags, wallets and other leather accessories.


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