One Bottega Veneta is forever: the Certificate of Craft

A Bottega Veneta is forever: the Certificate of Craft

Bottega Veneta launches the Certificate of Craft, which allows the customer to enjoy an unlimited number of repairs for the purchased product free of charge. “We focus on responsible growth. Our intention is to keep products in use for longer, reducing the need to replace them,” says the brand’s CEO Bartolomeo Rongone.

One Bottega Veneta is forever

Bottega Veneta insists that its products are “designed to last forever”. To prove this, the brand’s manufacturing excellence is now flanked by a service that gives the customer the possibility to repair the bag whenever necessary. In other words: with no limit in time or number of interventions. The service is called Certificate of Craft and translates into a document on which the product code is stamped. The Kering-orbiting maison will start handing it out to customers in the next few days, at first relating it only to its iconic bags, then extending it to all new models.

Certificate of Craft

“The Certificate of Craft was born out of a desire to offer our customers a high level of service for the lasting care of their products,” says Rongone, as quoted in a statement reported by Fashion Network. “Our vision remains consistent with that of our founders. They wanted Bottega Veneta to represent the highest and most refined form of luxury. We count the days, not the hours, to make our products. They are designed to last forever,” Rongone explains.

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