Armani (with Exor), Prada, D&G: all the rumours about Italian mergers

Armani (con Exor), Prada, D&G: tutte le voci sui merger italiani

Armani, Prada, Exor. But also OTB, Moncler and Dolce & Gabbana. Rumours about Italian mergers are advancing. The fil rouge is one: the Bel Paese’s luxury does not seem willing to lose further pieces favouring the French. The debate was ignited by Giorgio Armani, who would renounce independence only with an Italian partner. Bookmakers have identified it in Exor, as OTB and Moncler (ready for new acquisitions) have slipped away. And then the intervention of D&G, which denies the rumours of a dialogue with Kering because “we have an Italian vocation”.

Italian mergers

Armani started the discussion, we said. Together with Vogue, Re Giorgio (pictured right) reflects on the future of his fashion house: a French buyer is not in the cards. But, for the first time, he admits that the independence of his company is “not so strictly necessary”. “One could think of a liaison with an important Italian company,” he says.

Vogue offers another clue: it doesn’t necessarily have to be a fashion company. The declaration immediately triggers a betting on names: Exor, Agnelli family’s financial company (in the photo on the left, John Elkan) seems to be the perfect candidate. Voices further strengthened when, to MF Fashion, Moncler says it is extraneous to the rumours, while for OTB it would be a deal out of reach.

What they said about Prada

The rumours are now running. After business with Shang Xia and Louboutin, Exor is given as ready for the next deal. The third prey could be Italian. The Fashion Law identifies two possible businesses: Valentino and Prada. And he writes that Patrizio Bertelli, CEO of Prada (pictured in the centre, top), “is said to be actively talking with the bankers about a potential merger for the group’s flagship brand”.

 Strongly Italian vocation

Alfonso Dolce also focuses on being and staying Italian. D&G’s CEO (in the photo in the centre, below) denies to Corriere della Sera the rumours regarding dialogues with Kering. “Dolce & Gabbana has a strongly Italian vocation – he explains -, in terms of production and creative independence.

We want to continue to carry the Italian flag around the world”. Dolce opens up the possibility “for a wider Italian project, which does not only concern Dolce & Gabbana. We have often been approached and urged to become a somewhat broader ambassador, aggregating other realities. It is not currently our first topic of the day, but we may not rule it out”.

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