Brunello Cucinelli confirms outlook: -10% in 2020, +15% in 2021

Brunello Cucinelli confirms outlook: -10% in 2020, +15% in 2021

One and a half months after the latest public statements, Brunello Cucinelli (in the Imagoeconomica picture) confirms the outlook regarding the next future. In other words, in 2020 revenues are due to drop by 10%, but will pick up again in 2021, as they will supposedly increase by 15%.

Meanwhile, at the end of the first six months of the year, the brand’s overall turnover nearly decreased by 30%: loss amounted to 47.7 million euros.

Brunello Cucinelli confirms outlook

“After going through the first six-month period, heavily affected by the pandemic – commented Brunello Cucinelli, executive president of the fashion brand – we are about to enjoy a remarkable trend reverse”.

It is going to be a tangible recovery, so much so that Cucinelli considers 2021 to be “a rebalancing year”.

A “very relevant” number of total orders

Cucinelli’s optimistic outlook primarily lies in the number of total orders, for Spring-Summer 2021, which he deems to be “very relevant”. The brand emphasized the efficiency of its own supply chain, which enabled the company to deliver, in a timely manner, both its winter collections, for sale in stores, and the Spring-Summer 2021 ones, exhibited in show rooms.

“We think – pointed out the company in a press release – that several multi-brand clients are deeply selecting their own suppliers on the basis of collection trends and corporate solidity”.

Such are the key factors then: “delivery accuracy, special assistance with new assortment, creating collections and enjoying their value, experiencing the items of clothing personally”. The company has announced a “new re-planning cycle” implemented by multi-brand clients in order to pinpoint a few reliable businesses they will be liaising with in the next 3-year and 5-year projects.

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