Carven is running out of time as potential rescuers have withdrawn. The brand is in trouble now

It is a race against the clock to rescue Carven. In fact, Emmanuel Diemoz, former Balmain, who was supposed to take the brand out of receivership, has eventually withdrawn, at the very last minute, apparently a short while before signing an agreement, as reported by Fashion Network, with Bluebell, a financial fund headquartered in Hong Kong, the majority shareholder of the fashion brand. At this point, Carven is most unlikely to manage to solve its problems alone. Tomorrow, at midnight, the deadline to submit a bid is due to expire. All of a sudden, three bids, previously filed at the Commercial Court of Paris, turn out to be valid again. Yet, allegedly two of them have been already withdrawn; hence, the only bid currently valid is apparently the one submitted by Cashtex, a company specialized in the textile and wholesale leather goods industry: they are licensee manufacturers of accessories, such as Jean-Louis Scherrer bags. Cashtex submitted a complete bid to buy out the whole fashion brand business at a selling price of 500,000 euros.   


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