Carven long story comes to an end, as brand avoids bankruptcy and finds a new owner: Icicle, a Chinese haute couture grou

Chinese Icicle group is the new owner of Carven in the end. The luxury fashion brand long story, which has come to an end at last, started in September: by that time, several competitors were supposedly interested in buying out the company, which subsequently got close to bankruptcy. In the end, China worked out the situation: as announced by AFP press agency, and reported by Fashion Network, Chinese Icicle group submitted a 6,5 million euro bid for the brand and guaranteed 8 more million euros as to investments. That’s why the Court of Paris considered them to be the most reliable claimant. Carven are now going to restart from their 2017 revenues, which amount to 20 million euros or so, along with their heritage, since the fashion house was founded in 1945, and some assets, such as 5 boutique stores and around one hundred employees. For the records, even prior to the acquisition made by Icicle (a Chinese haute couture group), Carven had already turned Asian in 2016, since they had moved under the control of Bluebell, their supplier in the Far East. However, it is well worth emphasizing that, after Versace’s transfer to Capri Holding, which spotlighted again a debate on the future of Italy’s fashion system, other industries are being sold abroad as well. In example given, France has recently lost Lanvin (bought out by Fosun), while in Switzerland Bally has been sold to Ruyi Group. Waiting for the next acquisitions…


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