Despite CRV, Mr Bags drives Burberry sales. Waiting for Montblanc now

Despite CRV, Mr Bags drives Burberry sales. Waiting for Montblanc now

Mr Bags keeps achieving resounding success. What is his special talent? He promotes luxury leather bags in China and he succeeds in selling lots and lots of them in a very short while. The pandemic, caused by Covid-19 outbreak, did not hinder his business: Mr Bags drives Burberry sales. In April, the influencer was able to sell, in one minute, all of the 100 Mini Pocket Bags he was supposed to advertise, therefore earning 900,000 Yuan overall. Waiting for Montblanc now.

Mr Bags drives Burberry sales

Liang Tao, such is the real name of Mr Bags, can rely on over 9 million followers on Weibo and WeChat. As we said earlier, he is now going to face one more challenge, during next Qixi Festival, which is like our Saint Valentine’s feast, scheduled on August 25th.

Richemont, which control Montblanc, decided to appoint Mr Bags to promote a bum bag and a silver-coloured leather rucksack on which they hallmarked the brand’s latest monogram. They will prelaunch the articles, on WeChat, on July 31st: they are going to sell 99 limited-edition samples per type.

Influencer as a profession

During an interview granted to Jing Daily, Mr Bags has revealed a few secrets of his career as influencer. “I just give it a quick glance, I touch it and I think about its possible price: that is enough for me to understand immediately if a bag is going to be popular in China and figure out, at the same time, if the brand has to strive hard to launch it on the market”.

Moreover, Liang Tao has his own theory about the reason why a bag becomes IT bag: “Each buyer has a different concept about IT bags – he pointed out –. Such bags are often available for 1 to 3 years: although their design is not trendy, they have a potential to become a classic item. IT bags must be handy and must prove a relatively convenient choice out of the brand supply; on top of that, their name must be appealing”.

Among the new IT bags, Mr Bags mentioned Chanel 19, Dior Book Tote, Prada Hobo and Gucci 1955.

Chinese outlook

Are IT bags for sale in China very different from the ones abroad? “They are pretty much the same”, answered Liang Tao, who regularly drafts a monthly ranking of the most popular bags in China. What are the standards? Bag popularity amongst its followers accounts for 30%; bag popularity amongst celebrities around the world accounts for 30% likewise; a positive review, given by bloggers and influencers, accounts for 30% as well. Finally, the last 10% depends on how trendy the bag is.

Giving some advice to brands

The influencer suggests that brands take advantage of the expertise of some external consultants to implement the design of the future IT bag. His recommendation applies to design (size and colour) and marketing too (the name of the bag and the influencer’s choice). Thanks to such modus operandi, the fashion brand will enjoy the opportunity to share different points of view.

“Making an IT bag is complicated, but is definitely a combination of marketing and design. Brands have to pinpoint the weak points of their products and observe them through buyers’ eyes”. Talking about the attitude of buyers following the pandemic, and the way it has changed, Mr Bags pointed out: “It is difficult to say. Sales and shopping were normal at times; then they suffered from stagnation, followed by revenge spending days as well”.

The big news is that Chinese buyers do not travel and do not ask their friends abroad to bring them a bag: in fact, they buy them in China.

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