Everything you need to know about Gucci: Marco Bizzarri to Polimoda Duets

Marco Bizzarri di Gucci a Polimoda Duets

Breaking down communication barriers between consumer and luxury. Explosive success thanks to Millennials. The experience of Gucci ArtLab which combines craftsmanship and technology. And much more. Marco Bizzarri, president and CEO of Gucci, explained the success of “his” brand in an interview with Christian Rocca, as part of the Polimoda Duets editorial initiative, published on the Florentine fashion school’s social media channels. Here is a summary.

“We will not grow this much forever”

The CEO of Gucci does not expect to continue in the coming years the dizzying growth of the latest financial sheets: “It is not realistic to grow by 40% every year”, he said, stressing that risk is an important component for a fashion house, that over time is always subject to fluctuations. “Gucci is setting the stage for a solid growth over the years”.

Why Gucci grows

At the base of the growth of the “double G” brand is the dialogue that creative director Alessandro Michele has been able to establish with young people, “destroying luxury barriers”. In this way, explains Bizzarri, “Gucci’s customers have radically changed in the last 4-5 years and we are now heavily dependent on Millennials that are interconnected with the products”. Bizzarri said that Gucci was somehow “lucky” to have changed at a time when the fashion industry was “quite sleepy”.

Our strength is the product

Changes that have also involved production, as shown by the “experiments” of Gucci ArtLab and Gucci Garden. “Gucci Art Lab is the first experiment of its kind for shoes and bags in the fashion field”, he explained, emphasising the combination of craftsmen’s manual skills and the most modern technologies available on the market.

Image from Polimoda Facebook profile


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