India: Two dead in a Kanpur tannery for toxic gas exhalations. Raw material, meanwhile, is scarce

There are two victims (20 and 21 years old) in the accident that occurred in a tannery in Jajmau, in the Kanpur district. They were cleaning the sludge discharge when they were intoxicated. They died because of toxic exhalations. According to Times of India, the two were part of the team of workers hired by the company’s owners to clean up the drain. Investigators are assessing the responsibility for the accident. An unfortunate episode for the Indian tanning sector, which has already been affected by the Kanpur District’s relocation project dictated by political issues. Resettlement is also affected by supply dynamics controlled by local governments and subjected to party interests. The Indian Exports of Leather Exporters (CLE) complains that tanneries of the country are importing raw materials from abroad because of the difficulties faced in the domestic market. There are two main problems: fewer local availability and hostility that force tanning professionals to carry pallets in Uttar Pradesh and Punjab.


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