Indipendent design e-commerce takes in 15 million to grow

Indipendent design e-commerce takes in 15 million to grow

Indipendent design e-commerce has obtained a 15 million loan. Iris Ventures announced the investment of the fund for Artemest, together with its partners, among which is Olma Luxury Holdings. This platform was founded by Ippolita Rostagno and Marco Credendino and it presents itself as the largest marketplace for interiors’ furnishing, offering the possibility of reaching far away markets. The offering includes leather accessories and furniture made by hand with quality raw materials. This investment by Iris Ventura will allow, within the objectives, further growth for Artemest and the group of manufacturers it represents.

Indipendent design e-commerce

“Today we announce our investment in Artemest, the largest marketplace of Italian high-end, artisanal design, with a vision to become the leading global platform for contemporary design and luxury craftsmanship”. This is how Iris Venture announced the 15 million euro in funding, done together with its partners, among which is Olma Luxury Holdings, to help the platform grow. “Craftsmanship has been central to the development of the civilized world and has coalesced generations around the idea that art matters said Rostagno -. Our ambition is to further this tradition by bringing beauty into people’s everyday lives”.

The platform

“Rostagno created Artemest after having visited Florence, where she realized that many of the local artisans were struggling to stay open, as their customer base had shifted to online shopping more and more. For them, it is now more relevant than ever to be able to target the US, Middle East and Asia, but all these locations are hard to reach. Rostagno, together with Marco Credendino, decided to craft a way with which local businesses individuals across the globe could connect. The platform has now reached its objective. “six years after launching, they connect 1,300+ Italian artisans and creators – offering 60,000+ products – with thousands of customers and design professionals across the globe”, writes globenewswire.

Leather as the protagonist

Given the luxury market it aims at reaching, Artemest often makes leather the protagonist. This platform has dedicated area that allow users to discover the story and know-how of the artisans of the brands that use leather to create accessories for the furniture segment. There are the “creations” by Bottega Conticelli, among which is also a woman leather-coated bicycle, small goods by Pinetti, such as a trashcan with pedal opening. For 640 USD, users can buy Giobagnara’s candleholder, while for 7,515 the D-Ita armchair, and for 5,465 spHaus’ “Spira”.

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