Ferragamo + 1% of the turnover in 2016, profits + 17%. “The time when everyone was growing is over”

Positive result for Salvatore Ferragamo in 2016. Although the increase in turnover has been tight, it reports a substantial rise in net profits. Turnover stood at 1.438 billion euro, a slightly positive value over the previous annuity (+ 1%). Profits, however, performed well: 202 million euro, representing an up to 17%. This is nothing new. The brand had anticipated a few weeks ago financial data, at the end of the last fiscal quarter. It therefore constitutes official confirmation of a positive trend that, according to the CEO Eraldo Poletto should continue in 2017: “A transition year, where we will be focussing on accessories to grow at twice the rate market.” A market that, according to the former Furla’s manager, will not be as in its heyday when “indiscriminate satisfaction was distribute among all”. “Today we need to have a retail mentality, focusing on the customer” he concluded. Great confidence, given the findings in 2016, China and the United States, the same markets that, last year, they put the Tod’s strings.


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