Generation Z, a survey reveals how much they spend and what they buy in the States: sneakers and Michael Kors in the top rankings

What are the Generation Z shopping habits in the United States? Piper Jaffray investment bank answered the question while publishing the results of Take Stock with Teens, its biannual report (issue n.37) that engaged 8,000 youngsters, aged 7 to 22, who belong to the so-called Generation Z. There are 67 million of them in the United States: they spend (thanks to their parents’ wages, presumably…) 830 billion dollars a year. 83% of them own an iPhone, while 50% of them say that Amazon is the shopping website they like the best. A 16-year-old youngster can spend up to 2,600 dollars a year, which increased by 6%, compared to fall 2018, and went up by 1% compared to one year ago. Food is in the shopping top rankings, though shoes are getting more and more important, to the detriment of accessories. Such are the favourite brands for bags: Michael Kors (28%), Kate Spade (14%), Louis Vuitton and Coach (11%), Gucci (8%). As for footwear, Nike (41%), Vans (20%), Adidas (13%), Converse (5%) and Foot Locker (3%). Piper Jaffray emphasized that athletic brands, such as Nike and Vans (for the records, Vans popularity is peaking), strongly prevail in the footwear rankings. In contrast, Supreme and Off-White are not ranking at all. GenZ’s favourite social platform is Snapchat, though Instagram is quite popular as well. Conversely, Facebook engagement turns out to be rather stagnant.

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