Jonathan Cohen x Evolved by Nature dresses Lupita Nyong’o in leather

Jonathan Cohen x Evolved by Nature dresses Lupita Nyong’o in leather

Natural leather on the red carpet of Wakanda Forever. The collaboration between US designer Jonathan Cohen and bio-tech company Evolved By Nature gave life to a collection of leather dresses that put innovation and sustainability at the top. But there is more: one of the leather dresses designed by the New York-based creator ended up being worn by Hollywood star Lupita Nyong’o for the premiere of the latest movie of the Black Panther franchise, in Mexico City. A sustainable and very special dress indeed.

Sustainable leather dress

The leather dress worn by Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o is part of the Jonathan Cohen capsule collection. The “Activated Silk L1 Biofinishing System” created by Evolved By Nature made it special. “It’s an extremely innovative bio-finishing system – explains the company headquartered in Boston -, a solution with high performances that will be launched in January 2023”. The “Activated Silk” technology allows the sourcing of silk proteins that can have various uses, including the creation of sustainable finishing on leather.

Bio-finishing on leather

In this instance, the leather was provided in collaboration with Italian company Cyclica di Stra (Venice). The bio-finishing system Activated Silk L1 is 70% to 75% bio-based, free of PFAS, and offering performances superior to those of CFR. The future goal of Evolved By Nature is to “migrate towards a final product containing a finishing technology that is completely free of plastic for natural leather”.

On the left, Nyong’o during the Mexican premiere of the film (photo from Evolved by Nature); on the right, the advertisement poster (from web)

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