Giorgio Armani: “Luxury should stop imitating fast fashion”

Giorgio Armani: “Il lusso la smetta di imitare il fast fashion”

Behind every problem there’s an opportunity, they say. Even the Coronavirus epidemic, despite everything, can turn into a chance for luxury. The top of the range, for example, can exploit the crisis to stop imitating fast fashion, and return to its original identity. Giorgio Armani is convinced of this (Shutterstock photo): “The reflection on how absurd the current state of things is – he writes to WWD, who has dedicated a focus to the topic – with the overproduction of clothing, and the criminal non-alignment between the commercial season and the climatic one, is courageous and necessary”.

Don’t imitate fast fashion

Luxury (as well as the industry that produces it) has to do with quality, with durability of design and garments, with exclusivity. Therefore, it is not difficult for King Giorgio to identify the origin of problems. “The decline of the fashion system as we knew it began when luxury adopted fast fashion methods – says the designer -. The top of the range imitated the frenetic pace of endless deliveries, hoping to sell more. But luxury cannot and must not be rapid”. How much does a luxury enduring less than a month worth? “It doesn’t make sense for my creations to stay in the shop three weeks before they become obsolete – Armani replies -. I don’t work like that and I find it immoral”.

Do less, do better

“The crisis is also an opportunity to get back to the value of authenticity – continues Armani -: we have had enough of luxury as communication. We also have had enough of cruises organised around the world to present weak ideas through grandiose shows, that will now be out of contest. Special events must be dedicated to special moments, they cannot be routine”. For the Milanese designer, the fact that now, necessarily, all the brands are facing a slowing supply chain has the taste of revenge. “For years, I raised the issue during press conferences – he concludes -, often not listened to, or considered a moralist. This epidemic shows that a careful and intelligent slow down is the only solution, a path that will finally bring new value to our work, and make the end customer perceive its importance”.

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