Gucci CEO claims that luxury will not ever be the same (better)

Gucci CEO claims that luxury will not ever be the same (better)

“We cannot get back to what it used to be”. During an interview, granted to Il Foglio, about made in Italy outlook after lockdown and in the middle of the pandemic, Marco Bizzarri (Imagoeconomica picture) spoke rather resolutely. According to Gucci CEO, luxury will not ever be the same, as it used to be before.

“It would be quite naïve to believe that at the end of Coronavirus emergency – quoting his own words – which proved to be an unexpected emergency and, at the same time, the challenge to our generation, everything will go back to normal, as it was before”. The same applies to high-end business as well: “As regards fashion and luxury, a comeback to their status quo – continued Bizzarri – though feasible, would not even be desirable”.

Luxury will not ever be the same

It is no use hoping that the good old days will come back. What can we do then? “We had better start a new chapter – remarked Gucci Chief Executive Officer –. In the countries that are eventually leaving the lockdown period behind them, one can undoubtedly observe a few recovery signals. For the time being, a choice of paramount importance companies have to make is to invest in human assets. In fact, individuals can provide a real competitive advantage”.

Supporting made in Italy

Reorganization is the gist of the story, at this point. In Epilogo, Alessandro Michele designed a preliminary strategy about style issues. While carrying out the Programma Sviluppo Filiere (Industry Development Plan), Kering flagship brand focused its efforts on district areas. On the other hand, pointed out Bizzarri, “Gucci’s core has always been Italian: it starts from Florence, from Italian manufacturing, and extends across the world through a global network”.

That is why they pay very close attention to clusters; likewise, they most hope that institutions will focus on the same priorities. “The made in Italy experience – wrapped up Bizzarri –, alongside our expertise, which is appealing to luxury enterprises from all over the world, keeps needing aid and support, like in the previous months”.

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