Gucci: “No more fur. It isn’t modern”. AIP: “Then why are we selling more of it?”

Alessando Michele, who started his run in the fashion industry with fur slippers (lamb), turns his back to his past. Starting from the summer of 2018, Gucci will say goodbye to fur. “I don’t think it is a modern material, and that is the reason why we have decided to no longer use it – is the argument made by Marco Bizzarri, the brand’s Ceo, according to Business of Fashion -. Creativity can move in different directions, rather than using fur”. Gucci joins the list of brands that are part of the Fur Free Alliance. And, as Armani did in 2016, news got out that the brand will substitute fur with synthetic materials and wools. “The Kering Group has confirmed to the International Fur Federation that it will continue to use furs – says Roberto Scarpella, president of Associazione Italiana Pellicceria -. The choice made by Gucci, a brand that always used fur, is one made individually”. Scarpella answers to the claim that fur is an obsolete material by saying “The growing trend of sales and production, fluctuating in the past few years and robust for 2017, is a demonstration of what the truth really is”.


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