Here is the brand that celebrates Made in Italy. Crafted Society promotes its suppliers: “They are the soul of luxury”

“We have decided to celebrate those who remain unknown to the general public: those who are never acclaimed, but are part of the success of luxury”. Martin Johnston and Lise Bonnet are husband and wife. They live in the Netherlands, boast decades of experience in the fashion business and from 2015 work on their dream: a high-end brand. The New York Times tells their story. The US newspaper itself explains how Crafted Society, which today boasts a showroom in Amsterdam and an e-commerce channel, has decided to shift its focus on the supply chain in its gestation path. “We have decided to bring out the artisans from the shadows to bring them to the forefront,” say Johnston and Bonnet. Yes, because, by venturing into the labyrinth of made in Italy, the two realised how difficult it is even for the experts to identify the fashion players, let alone the public that sees cloths on the catwalk but knows nothing about their history. The founders of Crafted Socety, therefore, promote on their site the supply chain of each model, telling all about the companies that produce the accessories and the artisans who work there. The company promises to donate 1% of its revenues to educational activities. Edoardo Mattioli, ceo of Ales Pelletterie, explains to the NYT how such an initiative can help the sector in generational turnover: “Young people are not interested in this work, but if we can make our communities proud of what we do, we can also persuade young ones of the importance of our profession”.


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