Now & Together: Lineapelle launches its social community

Now & Together: Lineapelle lancia la sua social community

The goal is simple and easy to explain, especially in times of a “home emergency” such as today. In other words: giving life and content to its own social community. Therefore, the project is launched by Lineapelle. It’s called Now & Together and aims to stimulate and involve the whole world that gravitates around its fair and its identity as the center of gravity of the entire supply chain for the fashion & luxury industry. The starting point is set for Friday April 24, at 5pm.

Now and together

“The key word is engagement – reads -. The tool is “digital” and on it is based “Now & Together, a continuous involvement project transforming Lineapelle’s Instagram account (which has exceeded 14,000 followers) into the home of its entire community”. Now, because it develops in a “continuous now”. Together, because it is a direct invitation to participation and mutual sharing.

What will happen

“Lineapelle Now & Together – reads online – develops along two parallel lines. The first is contextual to the current global condition of forced housing. A Home Edition of the project based on a schedule of social activities composed of Live Instagram Interview themes, feeds and stories”. The second, however, “represents a constantly evolving digital social hub”. In practice, Lineapelle account will become “a platform within which its community can communicate, get in touch, interact, dialogue: 365 days a year”.

The starting point

It begins on Friday April 24, at 5 pm, premiering through a Zoom Live Conversation with a rich schedule, that will involve experts in the discussion of topics whose topicality, given the contingency, is very high. From renewed dynamics of style and product conception to sustainability. Starting, on Friday, from the possible emergence of new consumer behaviour. Title: “Buy Less, Buy Better”. All the information to connect and access the Lineapelle social community will be conveyed on its Instagram and Facebook profiles.
Stay tuned.

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