Belarusian wet blue exports takes off in Europe (and Italy)

Belarus’ wet blue exports takes off in Europe (and Italy)

According to the BUCE (Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange), Belarusian wet blue exports have created a turnover of 5.5 million USD. Poland proved to be the bet buyer, followed by the UK and Russia, but the semi-finished leather is also of interest to Italy.

Belarusian wet blue exports

On Tuesday September 14th, BUCE posted the data relating to wet blue exports. According to the national agency, the country sold 5.5 million USD worth of semi-finished material from the end of April to today. Poland was the main destination, with 2.1 million USD, followed by the UK (1.3 million USD) and Russia (1 million USD). Other destinations include Lithuania, Switzerland, and Italy.


Italy’s interest in wet blue leather from Belarus is fairly new. The first ever purchase was made last June. At the beginning of the summer an Italian company bought wet blue from Belarus for a value of 35,000 USD.

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