How much does buy-back account for Tory Burch? In 9 years, Mexican business partner multiplied by 7 capital investments

Tory Burch brand successfully carried out their shares buy-back to subsequently reorganize their social structure around the fashion designer along with General Atlantic and BDT funds. Yet, the most relevant figure emerging from the brand’s shareholding reorganization is the financial performance achieved by Tresalia Capital, a Mexican fund that sold their own shares, 20%, 9 years after their joining Tory Burch’s assets. According to rumours, reported by MFF, they have allegedly multiplied by 7 the capital investment made in 2009: at that time the brand (founded in 2004) was estimated at 1 billion US dollars. Tresalia’s deal is indeed the touchstone of Tory Burch’s business evolution, whose value was estimated to be 2,25 billion dollars in 2012, to go up to 3,5 billion dollars in 2015.


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