Interbrand crowns Vuitton again. Gucci gains ground, while reassuring, meanwhile, about any possible slowdown

The 19th edition of Best Global Brands, a ranking list of the 100 richest global brands, drafted by Interbrand, has been highlighting indeed luxury and retail. “All Italian brands, which have been listed in the survey, are expanding; some of them, such as Gucci, are actually speeding up”, points out Lidi Grimaldi (Italy executive director of Interbrand). Gucci’s revenues increased by 30%, therefore driving the brand’s value up to 12,942 billion dollars and gaining 12 placements in the rankings: in fact, the brand moved from position n.51, in 2017, to place n.39 in 2018. Better be careful though. Today Reuters have made public, in a release, a video that shows Marco Bizzarri, chief executive officer of Gucci, talking to his sales managers and exchanging views. In the same video he points out that nobody must “fear” any possible slowdown in the next financial statements of the luxury fashion brand. As reported by Reuters, Bizzarri reassured his employees, while confirming the solidity of the company (“we are stronger than ever”, and “we still have a competitive advantage compared to all other brands”). He also stressed the fact that a potential slowdown is to be considered normal, following such a terrific booming. Moving back to Interbrand ranking list, as for luxury LVMH is still leading (rank n.18 overall), as their turnover amounts to 28,152 billion dollars (+23%), then Chanel (rank n.23 and new entry), Hermès (rank n.32, +15%), Dior (rank n.91, +14%), Burberry (rank n.94, -3%) and finally Prada (rank n.95, +2%). Apple (+16%), then Google (+10%) and Amazon (+56%) are currently top placed in the overall rankings.


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