It’s a two-man race for Sergio Rossi, between Piquadro and Bally

It’s a two-man race for Sergio Rossi, between Piquadro and Bally

There may also be Piquadro running for Sergio Rossi. And Marco Palmieri’s group would be one of the favourites along with the Swiss Bally. Therefore, it is a two-way race. The position of the American Marquee Brands is more secluded. Out of the dispute (without, probably, having ever participated), Style Capital. Its CEO, Roberta Benaglia, confirmed yesterday that she has an acquisition in her sights, but it is a brand whose name has never appeared in the media. The sale of Sergio Rossi by the owner Investindustrial, therefore, seems imminent: it should take place in the upcoming weeks.

Piquadro’s entrance

In the procedure for taking over the shoe factory from Romagna, the new name that emerged from the latest rumours is that of Piquadro. For the founder, Marco Palmieri, the entry of Sergio Rossi would represent a significant act of expansion of its offer, after the acquisitions of The Bridge and Lancel. In other words: luxury footwear alongside leather goods, in a diversification prospect, but with leather as a common denominator.

A race for two

According to Fashion Magazine, which disclosed the rumours, Piquadro’s competitor for Sergio Rossi could be Bally. The historic brand (it has recently crossed the threshold of 170 years of life) would thus pass from prey to hunter. In 2018, in fact, the passage of the Swiss brand from the Germans of JAB Holdings to the Chinese of Shandong Ruyi for 600 million dollars looked like a closed deal. An operation thatnever came to an end and has now faded, so much so that the owners, just over a month ago, announced new investments. No one, however, imagined seeing Bally in the role of (possible) new owner of Sergio Rossi.

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