IULTCS and Erretre launch Young Leather Scientist Awards 2020

IULTCSErretre e Leather Naturally got together to support research in the tanning segment. The International Union of Leather Technlogists and Chemists Societies, Vicenza-based company manufacturing machinery and tech systems, together with the association promoting the segments goods, announced the investment funds to support young scientists, under 35, during the sixth edition of the Young Leather Scientist Awards (2020). The partners will award the top research projects conducted in this field for leather, machinery, tools and sustainability. The deadline to submit the paper is December 16th.


The three promoters of the initiative are guaranteeing an economic award to the top researches. IULTCS awards 1,500 euro for the base researches, while Erretre gives 1,000 euro to the top research study focused on machinery and tools and Leather Naturally awards a 1,000 euro scholarship to who wins among the sustainability studies.

The comments

“Our company supports education on leather and we firmly believe that our segment needs to motivate young people to continue to innovate and face new challenges – says Adriano Peruzzi of Erretre -. Once again Erretre is proud to award a young scientist for his/her work on a research project focused on machinery and tools that can help the leather industry”. Michele Meye, president of the International Union of Research Commission (IUR), highlighted how “its contest is becoming increasingly important and how in the sixth edition, ideas are getting more innovative and ambitious, while the technology presented is getting more sustainable”.

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