LVMH opens Nona Source, the B2B re-sourcing of its deadstock

LVMH opens Nona Source, the B2B re-sourcing of its deadstock

A type of reptile leather created in Italy appears to be already sold out on Nona Source. The article is part of the list of 1,000 square meters of leather (almost exclusively tanned in Italy), that is offered on the open platform that sells in-stock materials to brands of the LVMH ecosystem. Let’s try to gain a deeper understanding of this project.

Nona Source

Nona Source is a B2B platform that sells “re-sourced” materials online. It’s open to all brands, as well as to indipendent designers. It was launched on April 26th by LVMH, with 500 different types of textiles (for a total of 100,000 meters) and 1,000 square meters of leather, all originating, for now, from the warehouse of a single LVMH brand (that remains anonymous). The prices are between 60% to 70% lower than the original.

How was it created?

It was created by Marie Falguera, Romain Brabo and Anne Prieur du Perray, and it was a startup that came out of the DARE program by LVMH that focuses on accelerating innovative solutions. The idea began with Romain Brabo, previous purchaser of materials for Givenchy, who told a Vogue Business: “In my role, I would go to warehouses, and I saw the multiplication of deadstocks. I thought: on one hand, there are young designers seeking beautiful fabrics to make their collections; on the other hand, couture houses are storing materials they have no use for. How to create a link between them?”

How does it work?

The concept is simple. “We buy deadstocks from the houses – explains Marie Falguera – and put them back for sale at competitive prices after appraising them.” The materials re-sold have no logo, and the products’ pages on the platform supply all types of information. For example: origin (including the name of the original supplier), dimensions, weight and composition. Clients can conduct searches for price or quantities.

Where is it located?

Nona Source’s warehouse is located in near Tours, in France, where the products are shipped to European and UK-based clients. Samples are not available, as of now. That being said, the project is to create a showroom inside the La Caserne Incubator, in Paris.

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