Marzotto: “The Italian luxury segment will grow thanks to reshoring”

Marzotto: “The Italian luxury segment will grow thanks to reshoring”

“The Italian luxury segment will grow in the next two years thanks to reshoring. But we will need more resources and young workers”. There are some of the relevant themes discussed by Matteo Marzotto (in photo), with some journalists at Micam as president of Mittelmoda (association that organizes “The Fashion Award”). This project consists in an international competition between stylists and fashion student of universities all around the world. The award ceremony tool place at the international footwear fair.

The future for Italy’s luxury segment

What’s the meaning of this award?

We serve at the pleasure of the fashion system and within its ecosystem. This is the only award that has no ulterior motive, if not that of identifying and reward promising talent. We keep going thanks to public and private contributions. At Micam, where the award ceremony took place, I found myself in the right place at the right time. I hope in more and more loyal collaborations and a more focused used of public resources toward specific ends.

Everybody always talks about it, but is there really a lot of focus on young individuals?

The attention on young workers is often a publicity stunt or a passing phase. It needs to become a systematic focus, not just words. We need to believe in the young individuals entering the workforce, under both a creative and craftsmanship viewpoint.

Young workers dream of becoming famous stylists…

It’s right to pursue one’s dream, but not everybody can become Manolo Blahnik. Many, on the other hand, can become excellent artisans. Such as those that Maria Grazia Chiuri at Dior, relies on to make its ideas into concrete products. They are essential.

What are the forecasts for made in Italy products?

I see robust growth opportunities for 2022 and 2023. Even though China has closed its doors to our purchases of raw materials. Yet, we can count on a manufacturing chain that has no equals.

So, we can believe reshoring for manufacturing will take place?

As far as luxury ones go, yes. Italy has a solid and pervious ecosystem. Moreover, Italians are good at what they do and professional. It’s also true that the segment may need to adapt its production capacity. For the textile segment, on the other hand, I have some concerns.

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