Spanish footwear meet up to talk about digitization: “Such is the future, or we’ll be wiped out”

Either digital technology or the end. Over the past days Clavei Informatica and AVECAL, the association of Valencia’s area footwear companies, organized a meeting, “Moving towards digital change in fashion and footwear”, held in Elche (Alicante). As reported by portal, Joaquìn Garrido, general manager at Clavei, clearly pointed out that footwear brands must “be ready to turn to digital, otherwise they will be wiped out”; he also emphasized that “over the last five years everything has changed more than it happened in the last 30 years”. The footwear sector is therefore bound “to be primarily involved in such transition towards digitization” since the ability to adapt ourselves to the new digital era will be the “additional asset” for companies, in the future. Spanish shoe factories are supposed to “implement new manufacturing processes, take the 3D, develop new marketing strategies and adapt themselves to new communication standards”. Eduardo Calabuig, technology manager at Inescop, stressed the fact that “companies who are not able to handle such digital change will have to deal with a growing number of competitors”. José Maria Sabater Navarro, who is an expert on robotics, pointed out that in the footwear sector “robots do not replace workmen, still they help them carry out their tasks successfully, thus taking advantage of skills of both”. Aiming to improve the company’s digital quality, one more option is given by traceability, to be achieved through smart sensors and geotrackers; moreover, “the power of data” will help companies make their strategic decisions more quickly. See in the photo, from, some of the attendees at the Spanish meeting.


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