Milan Fashion Week, Gucci is the web-star (that causes Kering downgrading though)

At Milan Fashion Week, social star time is coming up. The event, arranged by Camera Nazionale della Moda (the National Chamber of Fashion) is going to end with a bang: Gucci, the brand web followers love the best, presented its fashion show in 77, Mecenate Avenue, Milan. According to SEMRush, a digital marketing company, the fashion show set by the brand, led by Alessandro Michele and Marco Bizzarri, is the one on which online customers will be placing most of their expectations: events by Versace, Moschino, Fendi and Prada follow closely behind.

Bad news

Gucci situation is no bed of roses though. In fact, they are still facing the negative effects, in the North American market, of the so-called black face scandal. In addition, they must also take on responsibility for Kering group downgrading, set by Standard Ethics. As reported by Fashion Network, the British agency acknowledged that France’s luxury group has been “compliant with international guidelines”, with regard to sustainability. Nevertheless, they downgraded it, from E down to E-. Looking at Standard Ethics rankings, which include nine positions (top rank is EEE, while the last is F), Kering are currently in second to last place. Why did they downgrade the brand? Because of Gucci’s dispute with Italy’s Inland Revenue, after which Kering agreed to pay over 1.2 billion euros to end the controversy with Italian tax agency.


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