Pattern sells the plant to Burberry and plans to make acquisitions

Pattern sells the plant to Burberry and plans to make acquisitions

It’s sort of a multi-level news that comes from Turin and sees British brand Burberry and Italian Pattern involved. The former made the purchase, including employees and plant that already used to produce for it. Meanwhile, the latter is focusing on developing and consolidating its cluster thanks to the liquidity from the sale and keep the project going. Pattern plans to make acquisitions “to continue with increased efficacy the industrial growth plan while investing in Italy”.

Pattern sells the plant to Burberry

The operation is simple. Burberry bought the branch of Pattern that, in Collegno (near Turin, in photo), designs and produces apparel item sold by the British brand. The acquisition costed the latter 21 million euro.  For Burberry’s operation is part of a wider plan to vertically integrate production in Italy. Jonathan Akeroyd, CEO of Burberry, said that “this was an important operation that will improve our capacity and give more control over quality, delivery and product sustainability” (source: La Stampa). Burberry bought everything: the subsidiary, machinery, inventory and workforce, made of 70 people.

Pattern plans to make acquisition

The operation has a precise and strategic objective for Pattern. In other words: have the financial resources available to make new acquisitions of Italian SMBs active in the luxury segment, this increasing Pattern’s mass and providing more balance between product categories. Moreover: Pattern also plans to build “within the next 24 months, the new group’s HQ in Turin”. Its last acquisition took place in July 2022: Dyloan – Bond Factory, Abruzzo-based company leader in innovative technologies and R&D. Previously, it integrated in its portfolio Roscini Atelier, Emilia-based wool producer, SMT (Società Manifattura Tessile), Idee Partners (which in terms owns Petri & Lombardi, leather goods’ maker in Florence), Zanni (textiles) and RGB (specialized in producing leather accessories). In 2022 it generated a revenue, as written by, “110.01 million euro, up 58.5% compared to the 70.03 million reached the year before”.

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