Prada suffers revenues – 5.5% in recent months. Europe (-7.7%) and Japan (-14.2%)

“The work of complex restructuring of all operating processes, with the aim of providing the group of tools needed to gain access to an increasingly competitive market, continues but not can still be concluded “Prada Group CEO, Patrizio Bertelli, accompanied the presentation of the financial statements for the first half of 2017. Within six months, total net revenues fell 5.5% over the same period of the year in Europe, revenues fell by 7.7%, which was particularly affected by the strengthening of the euro in the second quarter. Japan is down -14.2% and the Middle East -11.7%. The narrower downturn for the American market (-3.7%) while the Asia Pacific market grew (+0.4 %). “The positive trend in clothing is confirmed, growing from p the seasons, and the new leather products that have had a great impact on all markets, “he added. Good ready-to-wear performance, both for Prada and Miu Miu, with Ebitda at 279.6 million, 19.1% of net revenues, and Ebit at 166.8 million (11.4%).


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