“To simplify” is the key word for Lineapelle’s summer 2019. Aiming at the essential, between nature and technology

In the current era, full of contrasts and contrapositions, fashion trends are going to be oriented towards the pursuit of the essential, aiming to meet demand for “cleansing” and simplification. Lineapelle’s summer 2019 will be based on Empathy, as “nude”, hence basic leather will suitably open up to multiple nuances, which mirror the daily variety of shades of human skin. Searching for suitable combinations with two-tone leather, softened by neutrals. “Nature wears technology”: in other words, pursuing natural technology or technological nature. Back to simplicity also thanks to digital applications, which affect fashion when it comes to style, design and creation. As for fabrics, “interestingly synthetics will undergo the same treatment as natural materials, to create technical effects as well”. With regard to manufacturing, pleated and stretch clothes will be mostly popular, for both leather and fabrics. The aim is to create soft nappa and light effects, through sparkling micro texture. Meeting up with a simplified style trend that can match naturalness with technology though. Lineapelle’s fashion presentations will take place in the Italian leather districts, as well as in Portugal (Alcanena, on last November 24) and Spain (Barcelona, on December 13; Alicante, on December 14).


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