Uganda: the national tannery is working, but there is no raw material

Uganda: the national tannery is working, but there is no raw materia

There is a lot of satisfaction around the performances of Kawumu Tannery. The national tannery has the dual goal of giving value to the resources derived from the country’s animal wealth and make the country less dependent from imported leather products. This company’s managers are still working on an issue that is proving to be highly challenging: creating a sourcing chain from slaughterhouses and, most of all, increasing the quality of the raw material that does come.

The national tannery’s urgent needs

Kawumu Tannery is capable of processing bovine and ovine hides. It has a production capacity of 10 tons per day, but it currently only produces an output of six. Local press reports the comments of the company’s management on the issue and how they are trying to fix the situation. The dialogue with the country’s slaughterhouses has already started: it’s not just trade agreements, but also a manual on how to manage the hides and the animals to increase the quality of the material.

As of now, a relevant quota of the material cannot be used to the damages caused by the processing phase. As far as the rest goes, Kawumu Tannery’s management is optimistic: forecasts say that meat production in Uganda will grow at a 2.1% annual rate. This means that the tannery opened to make the country’s industry more independent from imported leather goods may also become a key player in the export segment in the future.

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