Problems with supplies and deliveries do not stop Aquazzura’s boom

Problems with supplies and deliveries do not stop Aquazzura's boom

For Edgardo Osorio of Aquazzura, the new normal is dealing with production problems. There are the difficulties with supplies and deliveries, of course, but these have not slowed down the boom of 2022. Aquazzura’s turnover will reach 67 million euros, +75% compared to 2021. Aquazzurra was on the list of possible preys by luxury groups and perhaps there have even been contacts. Although Osorio prefers to stay alone, the arrival of a financial partner is approaching.

In 2023 bags and men’s shoes

Aquazzura is experiencing its best moment since its birth 10 years ago. Founder and designer Edgardo Osorio says he is “excited about the future”. He has already decided that the brand will enter the handbag market (in shops in March 2023) and the men’s shoe market (also next year). “I waited until I had a strong enough team to support me. I had already experimented with bags, but I hadn’t launched them because I thought it wasn’t the right time,” he told Footwear News. Aquazzurra retailers are also confident about these new product categories.

The trouble with supplies and deliveries

The problem, shared by many, is not sales, but production. “We had to find new suppliers because everyone has problems with raw materials. It has become the new normal,” says Osorio. Who confirms the increase in the price list: “We tried to limit it, of course,” noted the designer.

Footwear, a business for luxury

Osorio is thinking of a financial partner. But not right away. Here are his words: “If I think about a retail expansion, like any mega brand, I would need to consider a financial partner. Doing it alone is more challenging and financially complicated”. The brand is celebrating 10 years in business and Osorio analyses the evolution of the market: “When we started, mega brands were not as interested in shoes as they are now. Footwear has become a big business”.

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