Savigny depicts luxury as oriented and focused: Moncler and Hermès expand, whereas Tod’s and Ferragamo do not change course

In the market, outcomes look more and more oriented. On the one hand, some fashion brands, such as Moncler, Hermès and Brunello Cucinelli, keep speeding up; some more, such as Ralph Lauren and Burberry in example given, have just joined the leading group, after a while, thanks to rewarding performances. Savigny Luxury Index has provided such data and trends in their latest report, issued on May 31. Yet, on the other hand, some fashion brands, a number of them actually, are still in trouble. Hence, in contrast to the expanding ones, they are currently “losing”: among them, Tod’s and Ferragamo, alongside Richemont, whose strategic plans still have not healed the group’s financial situation, Tapestry and Kors, which are still dealing with tough problems after turning into small premium global groups. However, according to the index, over the month sales (and revenues) went up by 4.4% overall, despite instability around Italian professionals. Sneakers also stand out: after being a trend product, they now have a full identity as a single commodity; furthermore, looking at data provided by Bain, they achieved the best performance in terms of increasing sales.


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