Ten companies waiting to buy out Acne Studios: how much is it worth? Chinese Shandong Ruyi and Fosun in pole position

Ten different companies, including Chinese Shandong Ruyi and Fosun allegedly, are ready to buy out Acne Studios. Acquisition is requiring longer time than expected though, as the closing deal, previously scheduled by the end of July, will take place only in autumn. Apparently, Goldman Sachs has overseen, since last January, the transaction to sell Acne Studios’ majority capital shares, but, despite the high number of potential buyers, they were not able to overcome all obstacles. According to Fashion Magazine, the first problem is about price. In fact, Jonny Johansson and Mikael Schiller, who founded the brand, would be ready to sell 70 to 80% of their shares at 300 to 400 million euros. Too much for somebody, since the brand’s annual turnover amounts to 200 million euros or so. Moreover, over the last six months sales have been slowing down. In addition to this, Johansson and Schiller keep stressing the fact that only 20% of the company, owned by a third party, is for sale, not the majority of it then. Such share, allegedly, has been on the market for a while. In the meantime, they are making public the names of potential buyers, including, among others, two Chinese giants, recently a great deal involved in several acquisitions in the fashion industry. The former is Shandong Ruyi, who are in control over French SMCP brand, British Aquascutum and Taylor & Lodge; they are also shareholders of Carloway Mill and have recently bought out Bally. The latter is Fosun, who own Lanvin, Wolford and Caruso.


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