Saint Laurent speed up (+25,3%) in 2016. Aiming at 3 billions. How? Focus on material and digital retailing

“Our goal is 3 billion profits”. A 25,3% boost is not enough for Yves Saint Laurent. Over 1 billion revenues (1,22) for the French fashion brand . CEO Francesca Bellettini, interviewed by Corriere Economia, points out further aims. Based on creativity, balancing their business markets and maintaining their current stores, thus planning to focus first on the European market (38% sales in Europe), then on North America (23%) and finally on the Japanese one (9%). Business expansion is expected to start in South America and Asia. Not to mention web business. Quoting another interview, granted to Financial Times, Mrs. Bellettini says that “she is very proud of her accomplishments “and announces that “this year online platforms will be enhanced and boosted, both for sales and communication”. Material stores will keep a central position though. Leaning on the solid growth carried out in the past six years, YSL will move on to further business development; in 2016 they made a profit of 268,5 million euros (+ 59% compared to the year before).



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