The first handbag, Richemont, luxury: Gianvito Rossi tells his story

The first handbag, Richemont, luxury: Gianvito Rossi tells his story

Gianvito Rossi: the first handbag with Richemont is here. It’s called Valì, made with calf leather and it costs 2,250 euro, available from November 18th (in photo on the left from The stylist and entrepreneur explained his growth project to Fashion Network, explaining he plans on increasing revenue and production to 320,000 pairs for 2023. Beside from product expansion, Gianvito Rossi is opening direct retail points all around the world. The reason? “The luxury segment will soon recover. Demand for high quality will remain: we must respect it”.

The first handbag

Three months after the announcement regarding Richemont’s purchase of Gianvito Rossi (on the right in photo from, the footwear manufacturer in San Mauro Pascoli enters the leather goods’ segment. “I have been wanting to create a handbag for a long time. A  handbag is a vital item for a woman. I wanted to interpret it my way. A handbag as a suitcase, because that’s how women use them, even if in a smaller version”. Smaller but ambitious, given it could be the first step of a wide brand extension”.

The luxury segment will soon recover

An entrance in the leather goods segment could be the demonstration of a precise wish: increasing sales. Gianvito Rossi is opening stores in Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands, but also in Asia: in Shenzhen and Hanoi. Later on, it will do the same in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Doing so today, even while the luxury segment is suffering, may seem dangerous. But Rossi believes the segment’s slowdown is only temporary. “In the last few months have observes a slower market. We expect this condition to remain for some months, but soon there will be a recovery. When you are able to reach our level of quality, you must believe the future will be bright”.

Product quality and direct sales

Rossi’s optimism goes hand by hand with the development of the deal with Richemont, based on a shared certainty: the future of the luxury segment is made of product quality and direct sales. “To do so in the best possible way, in Asia and other countries, an important international group is required”, concluded Rossi.

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