Canada, fur on the rocks sees the light at the end of the tunnel

Canada, la pelliccia in crisi vede la luce in fondo al tunnel

If designers say no, if brands are pulled back, the wave goes back up the chain and gets to hit breeders and gatherers. They sure know something about it in Canada, where a fur on the rocks is given protection, and trusts (at least) in the light at the end of the tunnel. The time is turbulent, but there is confidence that when calm has been restored, “clear minds will prevail”.

Fur on the rocks

Francois Roussow with NNSL Media is certain about that. Roussow is an exponent of the administration of the Canadian province of the Northwestern Territories. Here they have just approved a program to support fur trappers, allowing them easier access to the market. At the same time, the program protects them from the market’s roller coaster. “That’s why it’s a valid measure – comments Roussow -: when everyone sells well, hunters will have their own reward. In crooked years, they will be protected”.

The market

The Canadian fur suffers “ethical” objections (sic!) of certain brands, as well as the approved measures (in California) or under discussion (in New York) in the neighbouring United States. But not only. From NNSL Media we learn that even China, which alone buys 80% of Canada’s fur coats, is slowing down. Sales to Russia are going bad too, as its economy is suffering.


“We know that last year North American Fur Auctions’ activities have been difficult”, acknowledges Roussow. And the data is not trivial. NAFA is a Canadian company that organises three or four auctions a year in Toronto, useful for Canadian and American markets. According to NNSL Media, NAFA in recent years had to be the creditor for fur farms in financial difficulties on several occasions. According to the North American media, the farms’ difficulties could shift the purchases towards the fur of animals hunted in the wild.

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