Vuitton, 6 artists for Artycapucines second collection

Vuitton, 6 artists for Artycapucines second collection

Louis Vuitton has appointed 6 artists to reinterpret Capucines bag. Namely, they are Beatriz Milhazes, Jean-Michel Othoniel, Josh Smith, Henry Taylor, Liu Wei and Zhao Zhao. Their works have brought forth Artycapucines second collection. Bags will be for sale starting from 30th October 2020: only 200 limited-edition samples will be available.

Artycapucines second collection

Launched for the first time in 2013, Capucines bag by Louis Vuitton takes its name from the Paris street which hosted, in 1854, the first boutique of the fashion house: namely, Rue des Neuves-Capucines. After the first collection, which dates to 2019, Louis Vuitton decided to do it once again by appointing 6 important modern artists. Apart from Jean-Michel Othoniel and Josh Smith, the other 4 artists have given a new interpretation of Capucines bag by emphasizing leather.

Beatriz Milhazes and Liu Wei

Beatriz Milhazes made use of 18 different types of leather, further enhanced by a few golden leaf particulars and a joyful touch given by a jelly peace offering. Chinese Liu Wei, instead, took his inspiration from the Microworld installation, exhibited at the Venice Biennale 2019, to make a sculptural bag. The artist made use of some silver-coloured hides meticulously thermoformed and directly applied to the external side of the bag or fixed through spherical screws and rivets through Louis Vuitton etching.

Henry Taylor and Zhao Zhao

Californian Henry Taylor has placed on the bag A Young Master, which is the portrait of his perished American friend Noah Davis.  Aiming to bring back the original brush strokes, Taylor carried out several experiments by applying to hides 2D and 3D print techniques. The result is a sculpture low relief in the end. Chinese artist Zhao Zhao made use of a great deal of exclusive techniques such as silk-screen printing, high-frequency embossing and 3D embroidery: the artist used over 300 pieces of 5 different types of leather.

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