The innovative plan, February 20-22, at Fieramilano Rho, will be complete. It happens once a year, when, Simac Tanning Tech comes alongside to Lineapelle, in perfect continuity of time and space. The event of reference for technology comes to the appointment in great shape. So fit that since the end of last November ASSOMAC (the association of machine manufacturers for tanneries, footwear and leather goods, which organize it) had to close the accesses. The reason is of those that create particular waiting on the outcome of the fair: spaces went sold out, generating a waiting list of potential exhibitors.
There will therefore be more than 300 stands to open the stands. For everybody, from the point of view of the technological offer, the road has been long-established: to develop and propose innovative solutions where the parameters of efficiency and reduction of the environmental impact represent the focus. The whole, with an explicit characterization: “The new digital technologies – explains ASSOMAC – provide an important contribution to industrial production, especially for that of companies that have embarked on a path of sustainability, allowing an optimal management of the flow of information during the various processing steps and facilitating the communication between machines in an integrated production logic”. In short: Industry 4.0, oriented to environmental and economic sustainability. So the exhibitors, continue from ASSOMAC, “present solutions and technological innovations that translate into real savings, for example, of water, energy and chemical products, but above all, aimed at reducing the management errors that lead to reworking, with a consequent reduction in material waste. The remote management, as well as the continuous monitoring of the machines, also thanks to the development of specific sensors, allows to act directly, in real time, with production corrections and preventive maintenance interventions, another important ally in guaranteeing efficiency and production continuity”.
In support of this mission, ASSOMAC has promoted the Supplier of Sustainable Technologies project, a registered trademark (both nationally and internationally) “which aims to promote the efforts of Italian machine companies to develop an increasingly sustainable production process and respond to requests for certification of manufacturing productions”. Basically, “through the information contained in the Targa Verde, certified by a third party, that the manufacturer can provide, the user can prove the CO2 footprint of its processing cycle calculated with LCA methodologies. The sum of these data translates into an overall value that highlights the impact of the machines in the process in terms of carbon dioxide”.



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