New Zealand, 98,000 units put down to eradicate the mycoplasma bovis bacteria

During the first year of application of the Mycoplasma Eradication Programe in New Zealand, just less than 98,000 bovines have been put down. 121 livestock farms, out of the 170 that were contaminated, have been cured, while vigilance entities confirm that the contagion has been stopped. Local press reports the satisfaction of the Primary Acvtivities Minsitry in Wellington: one year after its launch (and about two years after the first contagion cases had been revealed), the eradication program is obtaining the results it had hoped for. A spokesperson from the department explained that, to this point, the program’s timeline has been followed. The timeline was created with the directive that most of the slaughters had to be done during the first year, and the completion of the cycle was to be done in the two years to come (for a total of 150,000 bovines). Prevention activities to stop the bacteria from attacking other livestock farms are continuing, while reimbursements to the farmers so far amount to 83 million New Zealand Dollars (about 48.4 million euro).


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