EDITORIAL | Ethics (of others) and beams in the eyes

The news would be enough. This one.
Yovana Mendoza is a famous, indeed very famous, influencer. The data certify it: 1 million and 300,000 followers on Instagram, 1 million and 900,000 on YouTube. How and why did she reach a similar level of viral popularity? Simple: for 6 years he has promoted herself as a follower of the so-called “raw veganism”. Hence the nickname with which she is famous: Rawvana. Her veg propaganda is mercilessly pounding and winking. Videos and photos always portray her as beautiful, sensual, bursting with health and well-being as she feeds exclusively on fruit and vegetables. She claims that thanks to her Transformation Kit, which includes a strictly veg diet, “high energy levels” can be reached, weight is lost, stress and toxins released, and a new existential dimension is entered. But hers, it’s not a free crusade. The Transformation Kit costs $99.
Then it happens that Rawvana goes on vacation to Bali and a friend shoots her while having lunch at the restaurant. The video, according to the law of social media, goes around the world and brings down the veil of hypocrisy. In the images Rawvana tries to hide the embarrassment by in turn hiding, without success, the food she is eating: fish. Animal proteins. The betrayal is complete. Her defence translates into an extended 33- minute video-post and a (probably) involuntary indictment of veganism. Rawvana says she was forced to change her diet by a doctor, because her veganism had caused her to skip her menstrual cycle, suffer intestinal and vaginal infections, and feeling sick all the time.
It is an isolated case. We would need others. There are others.
Corsera lists them.
The British Tim Shielff founded the fashion brand ETHCS, but he was ousted because he admitted to having eaten fish and eggs, having to solve serious health problems: from chronic fatigue to depression.
The Australian Bonny Rebecca leaves the veg ideology after 5 years for dermatological problems. Her compatriot Freelee the Banana Girl said that by eating only bananas she was out of drugs and defeated obesity. It wasn’t true.
Let’s call it for what it is: the hypocrisy of a world, the vegan world, which ethics imposes on its “enemies”: carnivorous, tanners, furriers. And that is always so ready to point to specks in the eyes of others, flying over the beams nailed in their own.

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