2017 Brazilian export began negatively

In absolute terms, the Brazilian exports in February scored 16.9 million square meters of sold skins across the border, for foreign sales of 161.1 million dollars (150.9 million euro). On an annual basis, the performance recorded by the Department of Foreign Trade of the Brazilian Ministry of Industry represents a fall of 17.8% in value and 10.6% by volume. The outcome is anything but flattering. By soldering the data to that of January, it’s clearly visible that the new year has critically started for the Brazilian tanning. In two months, the export of wet blue dropped respectively by 5.3% in volume and 6.7% in value. The crust export decreased by 48.5% in volume, and 44.4% in value; and finished leather (which represent the majority share of the business) lost 10.4% in volume and 5.6% in value.


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