A bag making history: Delvaux presents its museum

Luxury leather goods brand Delvaux inaugurated its museum in Brussels on September 2nd, inside former military barracks occupied by the brand since 1994. Today, in the same building that houses the museum, at number 7 of Boulevard Louis Schmidt, are the study of design and the atelier of the brand. The exhibition, designed by Bob Verhelst, traces the history of the fashion house in its city of origin, and will be updated with each new collection. The set designer himself explained how: “Delvaux moved just for a brief moment. Our goal is the history of the bag, of which Delvaux holds the oldest patent”.

The history of the brand

Founded in 1829 as a luggage company, Delvaux quickly switched to producing all leather goods items. In 1908 they filed a patent for a women’s bag: it is the oldest of its kind, as we said. The knowledge that women wanted to keep their most precious objects in small bags on hand also during their travels turned out to be a visionary move.

Museum visit

Visitors arriving at the museum cannot fail to notice a gigantic Brillant, the iconic bag of the brand, which occupies the area under the glass roof from wrought iron frame. It was made of black epoxy resin, and lacquered seven times to give the surface a credible leather effect. Once inside, visitors will be invited to follow the instinct and not chronology. The oldest archive pieces were selected based on their design peculiarities.

Image from delvaux.com



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