A bag puts Hillary Clinton in trouble: it costs $ 3500, “too much for one who has to defend the poorest”

Hillary criticized because she shows a Ralph Lauren bag of $ 3500 (pictured). In the United States, the candidates to the White House are routinely “X-rayed”: their past is trawled, the everyday look is carefully scanned. If Donald Trump has never made any secret of worshiping the luxury, her opponent Hillary Clinton has been criticized for what she wears “Stuff too luxurious for one who has to defend the poorest.” The latest episode concerns a Ralph Lauren bag $ 3,500 showed while the Democratic candidate for the White House was going to a clinic in Manhattan, to visit her daughter Chelsea, new mum of her second son Aidan. Yet Clinton have all the resources to afford branded clothes and accessories. In fact, according to the U.S.. Public Financial Disclosure of 2015, the net assets of Hillary Clinton was of 31.3 million dollars (28.3 million euro) that of her husband Bill of 80 (72.3 million euro). So: where’s the scandal?


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