Tanning processes and chemicals: tomorrow, at Lineapelle94, focus on chrome and more. Free admittance: better be there

Let’s make it crystal clear right now: either we talk about it today, giving out widespread, clear and open-minded information, or we run the risk of creating misunderstandings and disruptions, both in and out of the leather industry, which might be harmful for everybody: “Unfortunately, a number of partial and misleading information keep spreading across the market, thus messing up both industry operators and consumers. We need to make things clear”. That’s the reason why, at Lineapelle94, UNIC (Unione Nazionale Industria Conciaria, the Italian Tanners’ Association), and Cotance (the Confederation of National Associations of Tanners) are going “to prompt a debate and various topical considerations about tanning chemistry, also spotlighting risks and opportunities resulting from different process methods”. The meeting begins at 11am, at the LEM conference room, located on the Ponte dei Mari (beside hall 22). Three speeches are scheduled in the early part of the debate. In order: Will Wise (Professor of Tanning Technology, ICLT, at University of Northampton) will talk about “chrome tanning prospective opportunities, exploring the unknown”; Maurizio Masi (Director of Department of Chemistry, at Polytechnic of Milan) will present “an alternative tanning process based on low consumption of water and supported by electric fields”; finally, Biagio Naviglio (R&S Supervisor at Stazione Sperimentale Pelli, the Italian Leather Research Institute, and president of Campania’s Order of Chemists) will focus on “Chrome alternative tanning methods and performing qualities of metal-free leather”. Soon thereafter they will take part in a workshop and, at the end of the event, SSIP, Stazione Sperimentale Pelli, will present their strategies for the new work season: their research projects and training programs. Free admittance. No excuses to miss it then.


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